Cut Paper Sculpture

I offer a range of programs tailored to a school's needs.
Some options include:

Teaching a class
Four to five 45-50 minute large-group sessions that reach the entire school in the course of a day, exploring basic design elements of line, shape and color and how they influence a student's visual literacy. We explore uses of visual language and visual storytelling in picture book form and explore the process of writing and illustrating from the manuscript through printing process. I emphasize creative problem solving and the importance of finding not their first answer, but their best answer. I have the option of overhead, slides, or Power Point for the size of the room, and tailor the session by grade level, including design considerations that can be applied to their own reading observations or drawing projects. It works best, in this format, to not have the Kindergarteners in with the sixth grade! Sometimes, of course, a school is so large, 4-5 sessions in a day will only cover one grade level.
One or two large group sessions to establish a foundation described above followed up by a 45-minute drawing exercise that emphasizes visual storytelling in individual classrooms, usually 40-45 minutes. The children are guaranteed to see a difference in their drawing ability in these 45 minutes! This session can also be modified for a Young Artist/Author Conference depending on the number of students in attendance.
Middle school language arts curriculum often includes writing and illustrating projects. This presentation will inspire written and visual storytelling based on the students own daily experiences. We work on design and story elements with lots of examples (including those used in graphic novels) and can include a student drawing project as time allows. This can also be modified for a middle school Young Artist/Author Conference.
Student comments:
I will remember ... “the drawing  class—it was great!”

I discovered... “Art takes time & shape matters & lines as well.” 

“Use time in drawing - put your heart in it.”

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